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Estimating Cost

Process main phases In this simple top-down estimate process you can identify five main phases: 1. Define Activities 2. Define Task 3. Define Human Resources 4. Assign Human Resources to Tasks 5. Estimate times and costs The process start with a general definition of macro-activities and with a detailed definition of tasks, human resources used, […]


About Me

Here is a bit about me. I have been creating innovative, interactive web experiences for clients for over fifteen years. I think I would be in the right place as a participant in your business design think tank. If you take a look at what I have done over the past few years, I believe […]


Mobile Development

I have learned how to develop web apps with jQuery Mobile, PHP, and PhoneGap for any platform in one development stage. Feel free to ask me questions concerning mobile development and costs. With 150 mobile apps downloaded every second and 1,000 new mobile apps uploaded every day, the mobile app economy presents a fantastic monetization […]


Content is King

Whichever framework you choose to build your website, the first step is to logically collect the content that you want to present and organize it for easy use by your audience. If you have this accomplished, then the rest is easy with today’s CMS frameworks. The main frameworks that I have been using are WordPress, […]


Hello World!

This is the WordPress blog for Learn It Friday. I am going to add snippets and tips for website building here. This is the first post and I will leave the tip short. For all of you that want a website that is easy to update, I would recommend WordPress. It is the easiest to […]