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JellyBox Plugin

    Required Parameter Description class=”aClassName” A predefined jellybox class or custom class for the jellybox presentation style. The built-in styles are: jellyboxPanel, jellyboxRed, jellyboxGreen, jellyboxBlue, jellyboxLightBlue, jellyboxYellow, jellyboxBlack Yes height=”99″ Pixel height of the jellybox. Yes width=”99″ Pixel width of the jellybox. angle=”90″ Starting angle of the jellybox (in degrees). inline=”yes” Display the jellybox […]


November Maddness

Just got upset with coworker (not serious) and then took it forward. Here is image again on this post.


MySQL Maker

This only does 3 Megs but you can get MySQL to import the column names and then import complete file in phpMyAdmin. http://www.convertcsvtomysql.com/ <?php $db_hostname = ‘localhost’; $db_username = ‘demo’; $db_password = ‘demo’; $db_database = ‘demo’; // Database Connection String $con = mysql_connect($db_hostname,$db_username,$db_password); if (!$con) { die(‘Could not connect: ‘ . mysql_error()); } mysql_select_db($db_database, $con); […]


WP ECommerce Remove Price

http://getshopped.org/forums/topic/how-to-remove-price-from-product-pages/ Hi, Unfortunately there’s not a setting to hide prices, but an easy way to hide it is through CSS. To hide the price do the following: – Go to Appearance -> Editor – You will see the stylesheet (style.css) for the current theme you’re using, scroll all the way down and add the following: […]


Android Acess for iPhone App

I used adobe phonegap to create the android mirror of my iPhone application. To get the download use the QR code.


Small Business

https://mightybell.com – this is a web designs small businesss hang out area Small Business Rules https://www.foboko.com/ebooks http://superuser.com/questions/180964/how-to-open-semicolon-delimited-csv-files-in-us-version-of-excel


MIO and Google

I need to remeber to go to the webmaster tools in goolge and use MOZ free for 30 days.