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Capital Becomes a ‘Presidential Classroom’

http://millercenter.org/about/publications Presidential staff members in both the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations talked of making the capital city a “classroom” for young people from around the nation, but it was not until a group of businessmen acted in 1969 that “A Presidential Classroom for Young Americans” came into existence. The nonprofit, tax-exempt Presidential Classroom organization now […]





Uibox & MOOC

Uibox & MOOC http://www.uibox.in/ – jQuery stuff http://blog.kissmetrics.com/infographics/ http://tampabayclouds.com/mooc/ 3 Reasons You Should Accept Sales Calls You are a senior level IT leader in a top enterprise, non-profit or Small to Midsize Business. You’ve got budgets to plan, policies to write, a team to coach, executives to brief, presentations to give, research to do, fires […]


Tampa Bay Clouds

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http://www.lottspace.com/ cool sales blog http://americanfido.pressbooks.com Cool One Liners If you’re too lazy to start anything, you may get a reputation for patience. I’m on a seafood diet. Every time I see food, I eat it. I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people. Never try to drown your troubles… […]