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Here is a bit about me.

I have been creating innovative, interactive web experiences for clients for over fifteen years. I think I would be in the right place as a participant in your business design think tank. If you take a look at what I have done over the past few years, I believe you will see my passion for my profession and look forward to sharing it with others. Please take a moment to visit my websites and review my resume, and I will look forward to discussing your opportunity.

  • You are 116 times more likely to survive a rattlesnake bite than to intentionally click on a mobile banner ad. (Tweet this stat!)
  • With the revenue that mobile advertisers lost to accidental clicks in 2012, you could buy 1,825 Lamborghinis. (Tweet this stat!)
  • Collectively, Americans spend over 1 million months on their mobile phones per day. (Tweet this stat!)
  • It is twice as likely for a pilot to have fallen asleep mid-flight than for a user to be willing to pay for mobile content. (Tweet this stat!)
  • Men are more likely to have slept with their smartphone than washed their hands after using the bathroom. (Tweet this stat!)


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