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Improving your AdWords click-through rate does more than boost traffic to your site: Improving your CTR means raising your Quality Score and search engine rankings, and lowering your cost per click and minimum bid.

Ways to improve your AdWords click through rate

But raising your AdWords click-through rate is much easier said than done when using AdWords alone. Driving traffic to your site through AdWords PPC ads is an overwhelming and frustrating process that involves immense amounts of strategy, continuous analysis, and difficult decisions. Not only must you constantly keep an eye on how your ads are performing and adjust your ad spend accordingly, you also need to try to manage all of the other important pieces that lead up to executing your ads, like:

A traditional approach to PPC relies on a lot of guesswork and global search metrics that may or may not directly relate to your site. Luckily, improving your AdWords PPC click-through rate becomes instantly manageable and even simple with the right tools to help you. WordStream makes it easy to:


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