Becoming an Expert

Becoming an Expert

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[aesop_parallax img=”” parallaxbg=”on” floater=”off” floaterposition=”right” floaterdirection=”up” caption=”SMILE” captionposition=”bottom-left” lightbox=”off”]The best bit of marketing advice I ever received came from a woman who simply said this: “People want to hire experts; you need to become the world’s leading expert in something.”

She was right. Experts are referred more often; experts are more sought after; experts command higher fees.

And so I tried to be “an expert.”

But what I didn’t understand (for a long time) is that being seen as an expert doesn’t have a lot to do with becoming smarter, or more experienced, or more qualified.

Yes, you need some amount of those things, absolutely. But trying to get better at them is hard and …. even if you do, it doesn’t make much difference in getting the work you want, with the clients you want, for the money you want.

Instead, it comes down to four things:

  • Believing in yourself. You’ll be happy to know that you’re not the only person who doubts his or her right to claim the term “expert.” But that doubt is really more about what’s going on in your own head than reality. I’ll explain why you’re not giving yourself enough credit and why this is the biggest hurdle to your success.

  • Narrowing your focus. Becoming known for “something in particular” is a faster, easier and more productive way to stand out as an expert. I’ll share three real life examples of solo professionals who are doing just that.

  • Increasing your visibility. Experts aren’t just capable, they’re visible. They have opinions. They create content. We’ll talk about which types of content are most effective, easiest to produce and why.

  • Behaving in an “experty” way. Marketing is at least partly about packaging and positioning. Not making things up about yourself; I’m talking about putting the pieces – your pieces – together in the best light. We’ll talk about what that means and how to do it.

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