Brick Versus Straw

Brick Versus Straw

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Organizations are increasingly overwhelmed by the data with which they are inundated every day. For both IT and lines of business, big data feels more like the big bad wolf than an organization’s most powerful asset. Businesses looking for a “big data magic bullet” often turn to Hadoop, a formidable platform for analyzing unstructured data. Yet Hadoop, like many big data solutions (and that proverbial house of straw, so easily blown down by the big bad wolf), has its limitations. What businesses really need is a platform that integrates a variety of data sources, regardless of the volume or the speed at which the data streams in.

Watch this video to learn more about:

  • Why a robust data integration platform should absolutely be part of your big data solution
  • The limitations of Hadoop for data integration and how a holistic approach to data integration and management can better support big data projects
  • How IBM technologies provide a platform of bricks to keep big data from becoming the big (data) bad wolf


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