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Speaking with power also creates a sense of accountability and commitment to get the best from yourself and others. Your challenge is to consciously avoid using words that are power killers. These words sap energy and commitment from your interactions, and ultimately, your actions.

First, eliminate these words from your vocabulary:

1.     I can’t

2.     If

3.     Doubt

4.     Try

5.     I don’t think

6.     I don’t have the time

7.     Maybe

8.     I’m afraid of

9.     I don’t believe

10.     It’s impossible.

Omitting these words is not enough. A sports team needs more than just a good defense to win; it also needs a powerful offense. So, mobilize your own offensive assault with the words you choose.

Build positive mental connections and commitment by using these power builders:

1.     I can

2.     I will

3.     Expect the best

4.     Commit

5.     I know

6.     I will make the time

7.     Positively

8.     I am confident

9.     I do believe

10.     All things are possible.

The power of your actions is preceded by the power of your words. Speak with power to bring out the best in yourself and others.

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