WP ECommerce Remove Price

WP ECommerce Remove Price

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Unfortunately there’s not a setting to hide prices, but an easy way to hide it is through CSS. To hide the price do the following:

– Go to Appearance -> Editor
– You will see the stylesheet (style.css) for the current theme you’re using, scroll all the way down and add the following:

.single_product_display .wpsc_product_price, .default_product_display .wpsc_product_price, .wpsc_product_price, .pricedisplay, .wpsc-product-price {
display: none!important;

This will hide the price from all pages unless default CSS classes have been changed.

Also you might considering hiding the ‘Add to Cart’ button, since you will be using WP e-Commerce as a catalog, to do that:

– Go to Settings -> Store
– In ‘Presentation’ tab under ‘Button Settings’ select ‘Yes’ for ‘Hide “Add to cart” button”.

I hope this is simple enough.




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